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About Sherbie

Sherbie is our resident Language Dragon, the little cousin of Sherborne Prep's grown-up dragon. Sherbie loves flying around the world and visiting countries he has never been to before, and he tries his hardest to speak different languages, even though he doesn't always get it right!

Sherbie's favourite thing, other than travel and learning languages, is speaking to his friends, so if you have any questions or comments for Sherbie, please contact him on this website or on twitter (@LanguagePrep).

Enjoy our website, and have fun learning languages!


About LanguagePrep

Sherborne Prep School is a lively and fun-filled school in Sherborne, Dorset. We place a high priority on the learning of languages, and children take lessons in French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, German and Mandarin, using a carefully crafted mix of traditional teaching methods and engaging modern technologies.

LanguagePrep has been designed with two things in mind - using technology to make language learning fun and accessible, and challenging younger students with a high level of language. 

Please feel free to use our games, and if you have any comments or there is anything you would like to change, feel free to contact us. 

If you are a language teacher, the forum is a place for you to exchange ideas and discuss innovation in language learning. Please do sign up! We are working hard to create more content, and if you would like to become one of our content creators, please get in touch.