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December to April News Roundup


30th December - 'Just a phrase a day'. New claim by the British council urges Britons to learn a new language by 2016

14th January - 'YOLO', 'swag', 'on fleek'. These are the words that this generation's teenagers have added to their vocabulary. But according to Kansas State University, that is not the case

17th February - Early language skills important for later on Research by BBC suggests that children with poor language skills at age five are signifcantly more likely to struggle with maths at age 11.

29th March - Too many parents are underestimating their children's ability to learn language Polls have revealed that 47% of pollers had low expectations of their children's ability to learn new words.

18th April - Harsh marking is putting pupils off languages The report says that harsh and inconsistant marking is to blame for the pupil's reduced interest in languages.