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November Language news roundup


4th November- In New York they speak 192 different languages, in LA they have 185 different languages. All over America they speak hundreds of different languages.

12th November- pidgin english is now listed an official language in Hawaii. It has been spoken there for decades and now it as been made an official language of Hawaii. To non-pidgin speakers it may sound like slang, `dat` means that and `fadda` means father or dad.

18th November- German will now be taught in Kendriya Vidyalayas as an additional language. An official statement released here said than an "ex-post approval" has been given to the joint `Joint Declaration of Intent`on promotion of German as an additional foreign language in Kendriya Vidyalayas in confirmity with the national Education Policy of India and promotion of teaching modern Indian languages in Germany.

19th November- speaking more than one language eases stroke recovery. researchers have found out that learning more than one language helps with recovery from a stroke.

28th November- a girl's christmas list was written in 16 different languages, because all she wanted was one thing a cat. So she searched it in 16 different languages just to show that a cat is what she truly wants and nothing else. She only wanted a cat because she had two but one ate something and they spent over $2000 trying to save it but it died and the other cat ran away. 


Written by Bella F (year 7)